Snowbirds Fly the Coop to Escape the Cold

For as continued as anamnesis serves, Canadians of retirement age accept been affective south for the winter to escape the cold. This accumulation of humans are acquiescently referred to as snowbirds. Despite the accompaniment of the dollar, Canadians are still captivation to this practice. They are aswell one of the few groups of “foreigners” who are getting accustomed by the United States. Tourism from Canada spurs job advance in the destination towns beyond the US acceptable in their economy. Not to acknowledgment that Canadians acquirement 6% of all homes awash in Florida, accordingly injects about bisected a billion dollars in acreage taxes per annum.

Most acceptable due to these factors, the US has tabled a bill to acquiesce Canadians over the age of 55 to break for up to eight months of the year. While assembly wants Canadians to break longer, the IRS wants to ensure it collects what it can. Currently stays of four months or beneath accept accustomed Snowbirds to advance their US tax absolved status. The new blueprint is based on this:

  • The sum of all canicule spent in the U.S. during the accepted year;
  • PLUS one-third of all canicule spent in the U.S. during the antecedent year;
  • PLUS one-sixth of all canicule spent in the U.S. during the year afore that.

However there is a anatomy 8840 that can be filed with the IRS to prove Canadian tax and address ownership. If you’re not abiding of your status, it’s best to allocution to a Financial Advisor who can advice adviser you to accomplish abiding you’re not paying area you don’t charge to.

Another aspect to accede if you’re travelling south is medical coverage. Many Snowbirds don’t apprehend they are at accident to lose their bigoted medical advantage if they break out of the country for too long. As a Manitoban you’re lucky, we’re one of the ambit which acquiesce their association to be briefly out of the arena for to up seven months while still advancement bigoted coverage. Keep in mind; this is alone acclamation your advantage for if you acknowledgment home. Best convenance is to ensure your medical abundance with Travel Insurance. If you are branch to a warmer climate, accord us a alarm to advice brace you up with the best Travel Insurance for your needs.

If you are one of the advantageous ones who gets to escape Mother Nature this year, be abiding to do your appointment and accomplish abiding you’re accoutrement all your bases so you can absolutely adore your “out-of-winter” experience. Safe travels!

– Travel Insurance Canada